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Alabama prison cell phones

Petitioning the Honorable Governor Bentley, sen. Cam Ward and Alabama prison commissioner Kim Thomas. We the families and friends of the Alabama prison population come to you demanding change in the out dated and highly over priced phone systems. You are punishing our loved ones incarcerated for using cell phone by way of taking good time, visits and charging money which these men and women already do not have. They use contraband cell phone because they simply want a affordable way to stay in contact with loved ones on the streets. Times have change as so should you. We are asking you to implement a affordable and safe way of communication by way of a new system called meshdetect. (www.prisoncellphones.com) This new system has evan more security options than centri link with no out of pocket expense to the prison system but will immediately be a source of revenue. This system will promote rehabilitation in family relationships and it will lower the violence and ever growing contraband problem. With technology as it is today cell phones will never be eliminated from the prison system. Its time for change and its time for you as our elected officials to show us you truly care about lowering the prison population by way of true rehabilitation. Stop punishing our loved ones for simply wanting to grow and strengthen there relationships with us. Further it is our money out here that pays for these calls which we can not afford. Change is a must and we ask it immediately!

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